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Relyimah Technologies is a relatively new business, owned and operated by Ben Sawyer. We offer services such as website design, web hosting, computer training and more for a reasonable price. For more information on the services we offer, please visit the "services" page.

At Relyimah Technologies, we strive for excellent service and quality at an affordable price. Our mission is to be sincere and understandable, meaning that we won't try to lead you up the garden path with 'technobabble' (Technical information that tends to confuse the client).

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Site News

New Hosting Server [13/12/2006]

As some of you may have noticed, our old hosting company was going down the gurgler. This has been interrupting mail, websites and other services. We have been working around the clock (as time permits) to rectify this issue, and we have now decided to move to a new host. If you are seeing this message, it means that you are viewing the site from the new host. Once I have trialled the service for a few days, we will be releasing the name of the hosting company with the recommendation to our clients to purchase a hosting plan with them. We will be more than happy to help migrate your site off our old host to the new one, but we will no longer be managing the accounts ourselves. There is no longer enough time to do this.
Thank you,
The Relyimah Technologies Team

Currently Not Accepting New Clients [20/06/2006]

It is with great regret to announce that Relyimah Technologies will not be accepting any more new customers. This company is and always has been dedicated to providing out clients with service of the greatest quality, and, due to new time constraints, we now only have the time to provide that level of service to our existing customers. If you would like some recommendations for web designers, please contact us, and we will be glad to oblige. While this status is currently of a temporary nature, we cannot forsee it changing in the near future.
Thank you,
The Relyimah Technologies Team

Wiki Added [11/01/2005]

Just a short note to introduce the wiki that has just been added at wiki.relyimah.com.au. This will be used as a knowledge base for all sorts of topics. Check it out and if you think you have something useful to add, contact us, and we will add you as an editor.

New Website [03/12/2004]

Our new website was rolled out today, offering easy access to cPanel for our hosting clients, and new services. We hope this design is easy to navigate for our current clients, and especially for our potential clients

From all the staff at Relyimah Technologies, we wish everyone a safe and merry christmas.