Here you can find some work that has made our clients happy. Click on an image to link to the website or see a larger image (as appropriate).

Rob Sawyer

My brother, who is an independant musician approached me with his desire for a web presence. This site is the result. redesigned recently to incorporate the release of his first EP, this site includes a message board, photo galleries, audio samples, and more. Most of the content is managed through a custom designed content management system so that multiple people can add and remove content wherever they are.


M G Fencing

This site was created to provide an online identity for a local fencing company. They required some basic information about their services, contact details, and a gallery to provide examples of their work to potential clients. The gallery was custom designed for their needs in PHP, while the rest of the site uses a PHP template for easy expandability.


Gramophonic Productions

An up-and-coming musician contacted me to create his online identity. He wanted it to be funky and easy to use and update. Since he knew little about the workings of HTML, I employed a customised content management system which allows him to update the site easily.


Treehouse Records

As mentioned above, my brother is a musician. Treehouse Records is his recording label. The site is sweet and simple, and does not need a lot of updating.