Networking Solutions

In today's 'wired world', chances are you will have more than one computer in your home or office, and if not, why not? Why would anybody want to share one computer between four or even 40 people when they could have multiple computers connected (networked) together, sharing files, and even the same Internet connection.

We can aid you in purchasing more computers if you wish, and can provide the hardware and connections required to get your computers working together.

Networking With Wires

Networking with wires can be considered the cheaper alternative for connecting your computers together. Each computer is given an Ethernet card, and cables are used to connect the computers together. In cases where more than two computers will be connected together, the cables are plugged into a special device called a 'switch', which sends the data to the right computer.

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Wireless Networking

Get rid of those unsightly wires used to connect your computers together! When they cross walkways they can be considered a safety hazzard, and when people trip on them, chances are, your network will fall over along with them.

Wireless technology can be used for connecting 2 computers or a whole office of computers, without any wires to fall over, and its' easy to add another computer to the network, for example, connecting your personal laptop to the network for fast transmission of important work files. An 'access point is required in cases where there are more than two computers connected.

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