Web Design and Management

Revamp Your Old Website

Is your website starting to look outdated and boring?
Visitors having difficulty to find the information they require?

We can work with you to redesign your website to make it new and exciting again.

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New Websites

Is your company lacking a presence on the World Wide Web? The Internet is an excellent medium to let people know what your company is capable of, which makes a website a great marketing tool.

We can work with you to tailor a website to your company's needs, whether it be an online ordering solution or a small company profile with your contact details.

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Website Management

A website needs to be up to date. If the information is five years old and is no longer of relevance, it is the same as telling someone to deposit funds into your old bank account number.

Relyimah Technologies can create an easy to use management system customised to your website's needs, or, you can arrange for us to perform updates to the information when needed. The choice really depends on how often you plan to update your website.

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